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Attending the Southampton Code Dojo

  Last week I attended the Southampton Code Dojo (http://southamptoncodedojo.com/). My objective was primarily to see how these folks ran their dojo, meet people and have some fun learning new things. Advertisements

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Burning the bootloader back onto a Duemilanove

After fiddling around with my arduinos using the eclipse IDE and my AVRISPv2 programmer, I wanted to get back to the arduino IDA. Problem of re-burning the bootloader back onto my boards was solved by this article : http://ntsdt.net/2009/08/22/burning-the-arduino-bootloader/

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Connecting an ATMega168 on a breadboard to my AVR-ISP500 programmer

My AVR programmer has a 2×3 connector which I needed to connect to my breadboard. So I had to make my own connector:

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