Planter from a tumble dryer

Tumble dryer broke. It was old and not worth the repair costs. I got a new one. Took the old one apart and used it as a planter. Apple tree is an m16 root stocked coxes orange pippin, self pollinating.




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Milling machine

Bought a milling machine. 26 stone of metal.


It sat on the floor for 3 weeks until I could build a bench.


Had to hire a 2-ton engine hoist to budge it.




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Mouse drinking cat water

Visitor found… Sitting on the cat bowl.



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First milling project

After acquiring a milling machine recently, I’ve been trying some simple projects to get some practice…


It’s within 0.2 mm according to my vernier callipers. Pretty squared up. Happy with the results.

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Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing ? No, not mine. Little Miss Techcobweb wanted to have her ears pierced… Unusually for me, this is the rather personal story I thought I’d share about what happened when we (as parents) said “no”.

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Flap Jack (very sweet)

Warning ~ this is VERY sweet but a deeelicious treat, makes a tin full. Especially good for school lunch boxes.

Credits for this recipe go to Liz over at Greenparent

…copied here in case that link breaks, so I can easily find it again.

500g oats
300g unsalted butter
4+ tbsp golden syrup
small tin condensed milk
340g sugar

160 oven pre heat

line trays with parchment if not non stick paper then butter it

sugar butter syrup in pan simmer slowly til melted
add condensed milk and simmer a bit on low (don’t turn it up to do it quicker)
add oats slowly, should be sticky but coated
if getting dry add more syrup
pour in tin(s)
15 mins ish, depends how thick/deep your trays are
will be squidgy when you get it out of the oven but will set on cooling

when cooled a bit and getting more solid mark out pieces (if too squidgy just wait a bit longer)

if it is brown round edges try and take it out of tray (still on paper if squidgy) as the heat from tray will carry on cooking it.

eat with a cup of tea

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Playing with OpenSCAD

Thought I’d start playing at designing a CNC router, search around for tools to use for modeling. Google Sketchup (Windows/Mac only, so not great for me), Inkscape (2D only) and then I discovered Openscad.

OpenScad is a great toy, and pretty quickly you can get some amazing effects.

I’m just playing at it right now, learning more about CNC routers, but this process has given me more appreciation of the designs I’ve seen in my online travels for sure. It’s more complicated than it looks. Anyone who has built one of these and got it working deserves big respect.
So far I can only dream of completing one of these things in the flesh…

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Animated Skull

Inspired by all this skeleton building, when a servo arrived in the post, a friend and I couldn’t resist bolting it to the cardboard skull, from skeleton #1.

Then when I acquired a broken angle-poise table lamp I saw great potential…

See the short video here: Skull Video

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Slow Cooked Rice Pudding

Another family favorite.

  • 40g Butter
  • 150g Pudding Rice
  • 150g Sugar
  • 1.5 litres milk

Butter the inside of the slow cooker pot. Add ingredients. Stir. Cover and cook for 3-4 hours.

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Oat cookies

Very quick and easy. 20 mins all-in. Makes 15-20.

Oat cookies fresh from the oven. MMmmmmmm

Recipe follows after the break… Continue reading

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