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Sieg SX3 Milling machine upgrade : Installing a DRO

Having been learning, practicing, and getting more comfortable with machining with my Sieg SX3 mill for a while, I wanted to see if I could be more accurate still. So far I’ve managed with digital callipers, constant re-measuring, and using … Continue reading

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Mounting plates for Cleats

I made several of these up, so I could mount them to the back of the house. A few pulleys, rope, and eye-bolts later, and I was able to hoist the garden shade sail without getting up a ladder.

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Milling Curtain Bracket

The Curtains are pretty heavy. They kept pulling the bracket off the wall. Something more over-engineered was required 😉 That gave me 4 screws to fix into the wall instead of 2, and the bracket doesn’t bend at all. The … Continue reading

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Security AppleTV Cage

At work, in an open-plan area, things can “walk” if they aren’t bolted down. One of the useful gadgets we have is an AppleTV. It makes it really easy to project a MacBook screen onto the office TV. But there … Continue reading

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Milling a revision card holder

It may seem an odd thing to want, or make, but daughter-cobweb wanted something she could stack a set of filing cards onto, as she was writing logs of notes on these cards for her exam revision. Christmas came around, … Continue reading

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Milling machine

Bought a milling machine. 26 stone of metal. It sat on the floor for 3 weeks until I could build a bench. Had to hire a 2-ton engine hoist to budge it.

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First milling project

After acquiring a milling machine recently, I’ve been trying some simple projects to get some practice… It’s within 0.2 mm according to my vernier callipers. Pretty squared up. Happy with the results.

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