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Plant watering system using arduino

Daughter cobweb likes to solder things together, and she has a plant on her window sill which doesn’t get watered enough. Why not build a plant watering system … This is how it turned out. Advertisements

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Playing with OpenSCAD

Thought I’d start playing at designing a CNC router, search around for tools to use for modeling. Google Sketchup (Windows/Mac only, so not great for me), Inkscape (2D only) and then I discovered Openscad. OpenScad is a great toy, and … Continue reading

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Animated Skull

Inspired by all this skeleton building, when a servo arrived in the post, a friend and I couldn’t resist bolting it to the cardboard skull, from skeleton #1. Then when I acquired a broken angle-poise table lamp I saw great … Continue reading

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What’s the best power supply for an arduino in the UK ?

Well, it seems that not all power supplies are equal. I had a shock yesterday (not literally that is) when I hooked up a power meter to my arduino-powered XBee-to-ethernet gateway controller. It measured a staggering 14watts !  

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Make: Electronics Enclosure in Cardboard

Don’t you think the normal electronics enclosures are dull ? They are all square boxes in grey/black plastic or die-cast aluminium. Time for something more stylish… and cheap, which is always a perfect fit for your latest electronics creation… time … Continue reading

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Wireless doorbell

Inspired by Robert Faludi’s excellent book “Building Wireless Sensor Networks” … and partly by an old posting by Roo Reynolds, I thought I’d have a go with wireless comms using some XBee modules.

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Low power consumption PC

The phrase “low power consumption” means different things to different people. For a personal/home computer, I would consider 31 to 37 Watts to be in the “low” bracket. That’s why I got hold of an Acer revo a year ago. … Continue reading

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Burning the bootloader back onto a Duemilanove

After fiddling around with my arduinos using the eclipse IDE and my AVRISPv2 programmer, I wanted to get back to the arduino IDA. Problem of re-burning the bootloader back onto my boards was solved by this article :

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Connecting an ATMega168 on a breadboard to my AVR-ISP500 programmer

My AVR programmer has a 2×3 connector which I needed to connect to my breadboard. So I had to make my own connector:

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GameClockDuino : Game timer

I play Go. It’s a really great oriental game played between two people. Takes about 90 minutes to play, has a handicap system to allow better players to play beginners, with each having a fifty-fifty chance of winning. It’s easier … Continue reading

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