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Plant watering system using arduino

Daughter cobweb likes to solder things together, and she has a plant on her window sill which doesn’t get watered enough. Why not build a plant watering system … This is how it turned out. Advertisements

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Attending the Southampton Code Dojo

  Last week I attended the Southampton Code Dojo ( My objective was primarily to see how these folks ran their dojo, meet people and have some fun learning new things.

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Playing with OpenSCAD

Thought I’d start playing at designing a CNC router, search around for tools to use for modeling. Google Sketchup (Windows/Mac only, so not great for me), Inkscape (2D only) and then I discovered Openscad. OpenScad is a great toy, and … Continue reading

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Changing file extensions of files on linux

A line of shell-script helps me change all my image files from having an upper-case file extension to one which WordPress recognises: for old in *.JPG; do mv $old `basename $old .JPG`.jpg; done

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Raspberry Pi sticker arrives

To help the Raspberry Pi project with ironing out any issues with their ordering process, I ordered a sticker from their web-shop. It arrived today. Huraah ! Dutifully installed on my laptop case. 🙂

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House announcement system – Text to speech on events

My wireless doorbell project was a huge success. But it got me thinking that all these events I’m capturing from sensors around the house should be good to listen to as they happen, not just the doorbell. Time for some … Continue reading

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Shrink image file size prior to upload in Ubuntu

Before I can upload any files to this blog, I want to cut the image file sizes down, or I’ll blow my free-allowance limit. How to do this ?

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Wordle tag display

I came across Wordle today.  Cool. Then I realised I’ve seen such tag cloud displays myself already, now I know where they came from. I created one of my own, from the contents of this blog : Cool tool.  Shame … Continue reading

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