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Sieg SX3 Milling machine upgrade : Installing a DRO

Having been learning, practicing, and getting more comfortable with machining with my Sieg SX3 mill for a while, I wanted to see if I could be more accurate still. So far I’ve managed with digital callipers, constant re-measuring, and using … Continue reading

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Plant watering system using arduino

Daughter cobweb likes to solder things together, and she has a plant on her window sill which doesn’t get watered enough. Why not build a plant watering system … This is how it turned out.

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Garage paper towel dispenser

Bits of scrap wood, a hole drilled in the bottom. A bit of sawing using a rough idea of a bird-box, and a few screws later… Added a hacksaw blade at the bottom so I can cut the paper. Holds … Continue reading

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Mounting plates for Cleats

I made several of these up, so I could mount them to the back of the house. A few pulleys, rope, and eye-bolts later, and I was able to hoist the garden shade sail without getting up a ladder.

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Milling Curtain Bracket

The Curtains are pretty heavy. They kept pulling the bracket off the wall. Something more over-engineered was required 😉 That gave me 4 screws to fix into the wall instead of 2, and the bracket doesn’t bend at all. The … Continue reading

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Security AppleTV Cage

At work, in an open-plan area, things can “walk” if they aren’t bolted down. One of the useful gadgets we have is an AppleTV. It makes it really easy to project a MacBook screen onto the office TV. But there … Continue reading

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Milling a revision card holder

It may seem an odd thing to want, or make, but daughter-cobweb wanted something she could stack a set of filing cards onto, as she was writing logs of notes on these cards for her exam revision. Christmas came around, … Continue reading

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Bannoch recipie

100g salted butter 100g sugar 170 flour Milk Handful of sultanas Mixup and shallow fry in veg oil.

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Bread Roll Recipe

Recipe for really good white bread rolls. Family favourite. Recorded here for posterity and to make sure we never loose the only copy of the amounts which are currently on a scrap of paper somewhere in the pile of cookery … Continue reading

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Attending the Southampton Code Dojo

  Last week I attended the Southampton Code Dojo ( My objective was primarily to see how these folks ran their dojo, meet people and have some fun learning new things.

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