Skeleton #1 – Osborne

When our daughter said she had to learn about bones for her school science quiz team, I thought it would be a great opportunity to build ourselves a life-sized human skeleton.

I found two on the inter-web, and thought I’d get both to see which is the best…

First up is the subject of this post: “Make this life-size cut-out skeleton” by Osborne publishing.

Completed Skull

Here is the book cover:

I used simple tools, as it’s only card.

Cut out bits, stick them together… simples.

Looks like a great place to hide some electronics later ?

My own alteration to stop the jaw hanging down. Elastic band.

So far that’s about 4 hours of effort.

More soon as we go… spine is next…
… time passes …

… more time passes …


This is taking ages.

My other Skeleton kit arrived, which comes on much stiffer card, with pre-cut shapes, and uses split-pins to secure joints together… loads quicker than this cut-glue-the-tabs together, and each bone is labelled better too.

Knowing that the other kit is better, I doubt I’ll ever complete this model now. But maybe I’ll find a use for it… hmm.

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