Make: Electronics Enclosure in Cardboard

Don’t you think the normal electronics enclosures are dull ? They are all square boxes in grey/black plastic or die-cast aluminium. Time for something more stylish… and cheap, which is always a perfect fit for your latest electronics creation… time to get some much-underrated building material : cardboard !

Here’s how my first attempt turned out :

Enclosure with electronics inside

Enclosure with electronics inside

The base card is double-thickness for stiffness. It has to lie flat against the wall.

The top card needs to be thin and flexible, and can be chosen to match your walls/curtains…etc.

I use wood glue, as it is stronger than normal PVA it seems.

Mount using a simple stick-pin in your plasterboard,  in a way where onlookers don’t see under the topsheet cover. I’m going to do one with magnets to attach to the side of the fridge soon.

Use your imagination, perhaps cover it in fur, artwork or bamboo…etc.


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