Immersion Wort Cooler

A wort cooler is a heat-exchanger. An immersion wort cooler is one you place into the boiled malt+hops solution, then run cold water through it to quickly cool the liquid. This apparently causes some nasty chemicals to coalesce and come out of solution, rather than stay in the fluid for the fermentation stage which follows.

Rather than buy my own wort cooler I thought I’d have a go at making one…

(Click on the images to see them full-sized)


  • The pipe is 10mm copper tube, about £24+VAT from a local plumbing supplies place. 10 metres long.
  • The copper joint was soldered on one end. It converts 10mm to 15mm
  • The jubilee clip holds a 3″ piece of garden hose onto the 15mm converter joint
  • I connected a “hozelock” connector to the end of the hose pipe section

The result: a device which cooled my brew from 95 centigrade to 30 in about 10 minutes, rather than the 2+ hours it would probably have taken otherwise.

Oh. I guess I could have bought one, but again, that’s not so much fun !

This project was inspired by this article and comments from Matt Lovett who said it was easy. It always helps overcome the usual fear-uncertainly-doubt when someone says that. Thanks Matt.

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