Electricity used to brew beer

I wondered how I’d work out the average cost-per-pint of the home-brew I brewed earlier today.

One thing I must factor-in to my calculations however is the cost of electricity. Does it amount to much ? What would you guess ?

As luck would have it, as I monitor our electricity usage, I can tell you how much.

House electricity used when boiling home-brew.

Watts used over time during home-brew boil phase.

I started at 10:40, boiling up 5 gallons of liquid. It boiled at 11:30, and I kept it on the boil until 13:00. I thought the boiler would saw-tooth throughout that time, but it seems a pretty constant 2kw above the ambient electricity usage of the house.

That’s roughly 2.3 hours, or 4.6KwH. At roughly £0.10 per KwH that’s about 50p total electricity cost. Spread over the 40 pints of beer I hope to get, that’s about 1.2p per pint. Not so much as I thought.

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