Bannoch recipie

  • 100g salted butter
  • 100g sugar
  • 170 flour
  • Milk
  • Handful of sultanas

    Mixup and shallow fry in veg oil.

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    Bread Roll Recipe

    Recipe for really good white bread rolls. Family favourite.

    Recorded here for posterity and to make sure we never loose the only copy of the amounts which are currently on a scrap of paper somewhere in the pile of cookery notes and books.


    • 500g String white flour
    • 1 table-spoon sugar
    • 1 tea-spoon salt (though less is probably ok)
    • 7g dried yeast / one sachet
    • 30-40g vegetable oil (a good glug)
    • 300ml water


    • Pizza setting in bread machine
    • Shape and prove
    • Bake
    • Eat


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    Attending the Southampton Code Dojo


    Last week I attended the Southampton Code Dojo ( My objective was primarily to see how these folks ran their dojo, meet people and have some fun learning new things.


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    Cat wears a collar of shame

    Poor thing has infected tic bites.


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    Exploding a can in the freezer

    OK. This was an accident. (Not by me I should add). Can expanded overnight, burst, and pushed open the freezer door in the process, causing everything to defrost. Argh !. What a mess , but the way the can came apart was interesting.



    I put a normal can next to it so you can see the difference.

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    Sweet pea stook

    I make some kind of stook/support for sweet pea plants in the garden. Every year they are different based on what materials I can find at the time.
    This year it looks like a bit like a square rigger sailing ship.


    Square rigger sweet pea stook. 2014

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    Being thrifty – repairing a garden tool

    Handle came off my hand fork while in the garden today. New handle made from an old table leg.


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    Pea shoots


    Here’s a good tip. Buy dried marrowfat pease from the supermarket. Instead of soaking and cooking them plant them instead… Under 1cm of soil. Leave in windowsill for a few weeks before harvesting. Really nice taste, kind of like freshly shucked peas in a bean-sprout kinda way. Don’t let them get too big as they go stringy.

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    Patio art

    This is what happens when you give a teenage boy a power hose and a dirty patio. He missed a bit in an “arty” way.


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    Crayon melt picture

    This was fun, as we don’t use crayons now the childers are older…



    Crayons are hot-glued to the paper. Then the hair dryer got to work. Cool.

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